Things You Need

It’s kind of like the fine print but without the surprises!  There are, however, a few things you really will need to know and here they are:

Banquet License

If you are serving alcohol in any form you will need to purchase a Banquet License from the State of Washington Liquor Board – cost is $10. It clearly states you are taking responsibility for the consumption actions of your guests both during and after the party.  You cannot serve alcoholic beverages at your reception without it. It allows the consumption of libations for the reception and only from the service area. It absolutely does not permit “car bars” and we will enforce it during your entire time with us with or without a Banquet License. A link is provided HERE for your convenience.

  • Although your Banquest Permit is an Alcohol & Cannabis license, we do not permit the recreational use of cannabis anywhere on the property. If you have a medical permit please be responsible and only medicate in your car with the windows rolled up and make sure all medical cannabis access is securely locked against unauthorized or illegal use. We employ minors, guests bring minors, and we do not allow cannabis use on our private property.
Event Insurance & Host Liquor Liability Insurance

You will also need to obtain Event Insurance & Host Liquor Liability Insurance to protect yourself and Mont Lamm Events and our employees from any liability for your event.  We recommend talking to your insurance agent first or or Your event must be insured no later than 7 days prior to your event and documents must be provided showing your coverage no later than your scheduled rehearsal time. Links to suggested insurers are HereHere, or Here.

Approved Vendors

We only allow approved vendors to serve our guests.  After years of events we’ve seen there are those worth spending your money on and those that make it difficult for you and us.  We gladly discuss your options at your tour and during your meetings.

Bartenders Must Be Fully Licensed With a Class 12 Permit

All of our bartenders are Class 12, MAST Permit, licensed in the state of Washington and we will not allow service by anyone, from our staff or otherwise, who is not also fully licensed with a Class 12 Permit. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone appearing to be intoxicated.  In addition, we reserve the right to close the bar if we deem it necessary for the safety of those consuming and the protection of the facility.  It is illegal to serve alcohol to a person who appears intoxicated (WAC 314-16-150) and no server or employee is obligated to serve any guest if they appear intoxicated. Washington state law even requires the removal of beverages from persons who appear intoxicated and allows for the removal of such persons from the premises.  There is no exception in the code for family, the person who purchased alcohol for the event, or the couple getting married.  Everyone should enjoy the event and everyone should make it home safe.  Our stated and enforced policy is to simultaneously ensure those two goals.  By having your event at Mont Lamm Events, you agree with this policy statement and forfeit your right to real or perceived damages, and your entire damage deposit, if your bar is closed early, your reception is forcibly ended early, or any guests are asked to leave due to over intoxication, property damage, belligerence, or disruptive conduct towards guests, property, or staff.  Finally, we do not allow “keg stands”, “beer bongs”, or any other similar or related form of consumption for any reason.

Unattended Children Warning

We love children and encourage the free use of the public lawn for running, playing ball, etc.  Unattended children or guests caught climbing trees, tossing debris or rocks into the water feature, breaking property, harassing livestock, picking flowers, creating messes, or otherwise abusing plants and property will be warned once or returned to parents a total of 2 times at which point we will require adults to leave or children to remain strictly in the company of the parent until their departure.  Any resulting damages will be withheld from the damage deposit and the assessed value is solely at the discretion of Mont Lamm and its owners.  It is important your guests understand there is no tolerance for unattended children or abuse of private property.

If you have any questions or concerns about these items please call our office directly at 509-276-7636 to discuss it with Shannon. We really want every aspect of your experience as a bride or a guest to be truly fantastic and that includes ironing out details like these and making sure we’re all on the same page on your day. Thank you, again, for letting us be a part of your event!